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“Why not me?” philosophy
I have spent so many years feeling sorry for myself and thinking why me? Why am I not this or why am I not that. But recently I have decided to change my mind set to why not me? Why can’t I achieve great things, why can’t I create goals and accomplish them, why can’t I start a podcast, why can’t I be a public speaker etc. I came to a place in my life where I wanted to do more than just work and go home.

I want to influence all different types of people and help others navigate what they want out of life. No plan works without confidence but it also won’t work if you don’t start the process, put yourself out there and be open for criticism. That what the part I had to come to terms with is that I have to be ok with feedback that’s not favorable, people not wanting what you are providing, doors slamming in your face, and anything other situation that can slow momentum. I constantly remind myself  that Rome wasn’t built in a day and even the greatest professional started out as an amateur.

To come up with the “why not me” philosophy took some self reflection, I achieved many things in life that I down played in my mind because I didn’t think they were a big deal, mainly because I didn’t think that I was able to accomplish anything that was a big deal. During my self reflection I’ve realize that every goal that I put an effort in I accomplished, so why not dream bigger? Don’t shutdown what the universe has in store for you with self doubt.


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Public speaking

Everyone has a journey, there are steps that had to be taken to get to where you want to be. The good and the bad, it’s all apart of the journey. I am willing to share my journey to help motivate others and maybe help navigate through their tough times, learn what to do, what not to do, how to stay focused on the goal that you set for yourself. I have battled with confidence issues, depression, low level anxiety, and luckily I have been able to shake those things off and get my own movement rolling. I am willing to share how we can all overcome obstacles we face or at least manage them to a point where they don’t stop your progress. I spent years feeling sorry for myself and I don’t want you to have to go through that. Let me be apart of your success!


  • Goal setting

  • Time management

Being organized is an important part of life. I am willing to help with getting your priorities order with time management skill building and goal setting. Setting goals that are realistic can help save you stress and build your confidence once you start knocking goals down, creating momentum towards bigger goals. Also managing your time wisely can help with your goals and reduce stress as well. Knowing when to chill and when to build is important, you don’t want to work yourself into a bad space. Having fun is as important as working but you have to know how to get the most out of your 24 hours.


  • Helping with burnout

  • Workplace climate

  • Finding your passion

  • Surviving grad school

  • applying social work methods to other careers

I have been doing social work for years and it is important to know why you do it. Social work professions can be taxing on your emotional, mental, and physical health so it is important to know how your body responds to stress and how much stress you are willing to take. Finding a work/life balance is crucial to preventing burnout. Being honest with yourself and not feeling bad for taking care of you and your family. Another thing that can lead to burnout is working in a stressful work environment, this isn’t exclusive to social work. Many careers can have stressful work environments and that can affect productivity. You want to work smarter so your employee’s want to stay around for a few years, for high turnover can be costly and put more stress on the remaining employees. The workplace environment can be crucial to getting the most out of your employees and as an employer you should know how to manage all the different personalities for the better.

If your work isn’t fulfilling then you should work on finding something that makes you feel whole. I can help you find that career that you jump out of bed for. Also help you save time applying for jobs, it’s important to know what to look for so you are not wasting time applying or interviewing for jobs you don’t even want or going to care for. Let’s get efficient!

You may also come to a time where you feel that you need a break from social work or a career over haul in general. Don’t worry, you have probably did work that applies to other fields. We can sit down and break down some of the task you have completed in your previous positions to apply to your future endeavors. Don’t stress it, we can make the best out of your experiences.




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